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Choose from our selection of romantic Auvergne hotels and accommodation by clicking on the map on the right. These will highlight our small selection of Auvergne hotels catering to a variety of tastes and budgets, including romantic Vichy hotels and Auvergne bed and breakfasts.

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Hoteles con encanto en Auvergne, Francia

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If France is a "lucky" country in terms of beauty, good food and natural beauty, then Auvergne is one of its lucky regions.

Situated, in the very heart of country, Auvergne is a pretty unique area that has managed to protect its natural environment and as a result visitors will take real pleasure from what’s on offer, both in terms of mind and body, nature and culture.

It is also a superb place to relax, go with the flow at see what it has to offer at your own pace. And there’s a lot to see and do! Vast landscapes, springs and volcanoes are just the beginning

Allow yourself to be carried away by its monumental volcanoes, the natural quality of its products, the purity of its springs and the sheer vastness of its landscapes, where walking, fishing horse riding is literally a walk away.

Hoteles con encanto en Auvergne

Hoteles y casas rurales por ciudad en Auvergne


Secretplaces es una guía de hoteles con encanto y carácter, independientemente del precio. A lo largo de los años hemos visitado miles de alojamientos de los cuales solo algunos han sido incluidos en nuestra cuidada selección