Slovenia as a Destination

Bienvenido a Eslovenia. Un hermoso país con lugares igualmente hermosos para alojarse. Si desea encontrar la escapada perfecta en en un hotel romántico, o un b&b boutique no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros. Le ayudaremos a encontrar el lugar perfecto en Eslovenia..

Regiones en Slovenia


Welcome to our latest addition - Slovenia. A beautiful country with equally beautiful places to stay. If you wish to find the perfect getaway in Slovenia or that romantic Slovenia hotel, please feel free to contact us. We'll help you find the perfect spot in Eslovenia.

Eslovenia es un país pequeño (más pequeño que Suiza y Gales, por ejemplo, y con menos de 3 millones de habitantes), pero que tiene mucho que ofrecer.

Es como si hubiera conseguido tomar un poco de lo mejor de los países con los que limita y son bastantes, como Croacia, Austria, Hungría y Suiza- y desarrollar una cultura única en el corazón de Europa.

Sí, el corazón de Europa, porque los encantadores y amables eslovenos se consideran verdaderos europeos y el lugar en sí es un microcosmos de muchas de las mejores bazas del viejo continente.Viñedos ondulados, paisajes montañosos, arquitectura de calidad, costa adriática... En realidad, todo está ahí. Un punto de encuentro entre el Norte, el Sur, el Este y el Oeste, por así decirlo.

Así que disfrute de este pequeño país con el mayor de los corazones.


There is almost no other cuisine in the world as varied as Slovenian cuisine: the dishes from Slovenia are characterized by Austrian, Italian and Hungarian influences. Yes, you can expect it: a holiday in Slovenia can only be a single celebration and a true journey of pleasure.

Our favourite dish is Potica. Admittedly, it is more of a dessert than a main course, but no other course is as varied as this roll cake made of yeast dough. It is usually served on festive days and with more than 80 different creations, there is no limit to the imagination when it comes to preparation. We recommend a filling with tarragon or chopped walnuts.

For the main courses we recommend Slovenian wines. Here, too, there is a colourful range of varieties to suit every taste: Whether red, white or rosé, whether powerful and aromatic or light and sweet. Each variety is represented in the three wine-growing regions.


Surrounded by the top holiday destinations Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy, Slovenia has so far found it difficult to establish itself as a tourist destination. It is considered to be one of our insider tips, because in addition to beautiful, quiet cities, there is breathtaking nature that is ideal for outdoor activities. 

Did you know that the Postojna Grotto is the most visited show grotto in Europe? For 140 years there has been a cave railway that goes inside the 24 km long cave, where you have the chance to admire precious diamonds in the form of dripstones and get to know real dragon babies. 

Another highlight in Slovenia are the canyoning tours in the gorges around the city of Bovec. To take part in the tours you need a little courage, because the canyons are sometimes very deep. In addition to a unique adrenalin kick, natural swimming pools and waterfalls up to five meters high await you.

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