São Tomé and Príncipe - Islands of chocolate

Delicious chocolate, sandy beaches as far as the eye can see and a natural rainforest with an abundance of fresh fruits - what sounds like a dream is reality in São Tomé and Príncipe. The African island state in the Gulf of Guinea lies about 200 km off the coast of Africa and, with an area of 1,001 km², is the second smallest country in Africa. 

Once a Portuguese colony, the two islands present themselves with a very unusual charm: Besides dreamlike beaches, there are tropical forests with waterfalls in the interior in which different animals have settled over the centuries. The beaches are characterized above all by their diversity. But whether black, golden or white sand, they all have one thing in common: they are beautiful, quiet and a great retreat. Although São Tomé and Príncipe are a paradisiacal destination, only a few tourists visit them to this day. The average temperature of the two islands, which are 140 km apart, is 25 degrees, the water has a similar temperature - a paradise for relaxing days on the beach with snorkeling, bathing and relaxing. The likelihood of rain is very high, allowing nature to develop to its full potential. The unspoilt forests are ideal for hiking and guarantee an unforgettable view of the charm of the islands. The trekking tours are very varied due to the interesting villages with colonial architecture and the contrasting mountains. The island state of São Tomé and Príncipe is a very safe destination. The inhabitants are very warm and happy about every guest. The island of São Tomé is more heavily populated, with around 90 percent of the population living there.

Regiones en São Tomé and Príncipe


En Secretplaces siempre estamos buscando hoteles y alojamientos especiales, lugares que nos sobrecogen y que nos garantizan un momento inolvidable.  Por eso hemos estado en Santo Tomé y Príncipe y hemos reunido una pequeña selección de alojamientos con algo especial para nuestros viajeros. Busca una casa de huéspedes con una terraza sobre el mar? ¿o un hotelito con SPA con playa privada?  No olvidar que tenemos lugares que no está todavía publicados en nuestra web, siempre puede preguntar.


São Tomé and Príncipe is not only known for its fantastic chocolate, but also for its fish, which is served fresh every day and is one of the most important foods in the island state. It is hard to imagine the island's cuisine without this important source of protein, which is usually served with rice and plantains.  Palm oil and coconut milk give the dishes a typical taste. Various tropical fruits such as papayas, mangos, breadfruit and avocados are suitable for dessert. The hotels selected by us offer a wide range of culinary highlights. All ingredients are fresh and are harvested locally or bought locally at the market. Since the accommodations have excellent cuisine, we recommend that you also book the meals.


With an average temperature of 25 degrees, the island state of São Tomé and Príncipe has a very pleasant temperature for various beach and water activities.

The water is warm and crystal clear, ideal for swimming, diving and paddling. Some of our hotels offer various water activities that you can book with your holiday. In the interior it is a bit cooler with 20 degrees and very pleasant to start a hiking tour with a guide. In addition to various waterfalls, mountains and tropical forests, there are also beautiful cities with colonial architecture.

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