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Nature and Adventure
  • 31 Octubre 2022

    Lefkada, the undiscovered Ionian Island

    Lefkada is still somewhat of a secret island, having been spared the mass tourism of the other, more famous, Greek islands. It is also the only Greek island that can be reached by car as it is connected to the region of Epirus via a bridge. Bri...

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  • 03 Octubre 2022

    Explore Portugals Unique National Park - Gerês Travelguide

    The national park Peneda-Gerês in the north of Portugal, close to the Spanish border is still a hidden gem in the popular travel destination Portugal. While the Algarve and Lisbon’s Coast are packed with tourists, Gerês still rem...

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  • 28 Enero 2022

    Embrace your Inner Child - Stay in a Tree House!

    Let's be honest: we all dreamed of having our own tree house as a child, as a retreat for fantastic adventures out of sight of our parents, and as a private playground for our beloved hobbies. Climbing around in the treetops, watching over the who...

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  • 16 Enero 2021

    Wanderful Madeira

      „Madeira“ – means simply wood. And you can find lots of wood on the island, normally in form of many, many trees. I wanted to dive into the wonderfully natural world of this island, so, took my hiking shoes and searched...

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